Why Should I Buy a Rollmo Hoverboard?

“I WANT ONE OF THOSE SO CALLED HOVERBOARDS….but I don’t know what I’d use it for?!” This is exactly what everyone is thinking when they come across these Rollmo self-balancing hoverboards. Everybody wants one, but nobody knows what to use it for.   Yes, celebrities have them and seeing those kids dance on them to Justin Bieber’s song is dope, but what …


How to ride a Rollmo self balancing hoverboard

The new self balancing electric scooters, also known as the hoverboard, has taken the world by storm, seems like everywhere you look someone is riding one of these so called hands free mini “segways”. If you got a chance to ride one of these hoverboards you can understand how simple it is. At first, it may seem like these balancing electric scooters …


Paying the price for cheap self Balancing Boards

Paying the price for cheap self Balancing Boards With the tremendous viral popularity of the Mini Segway Boards, there has been a surge of cheap, poorly made devices with hazardous parts and no quality control. There are now over 100 different distributors of these boards selling in Australia, the bad news for consumers is that in an effort to cut …


Everyone should try a Rollmo self balancing scooter

The experience of using a self balancing board is hard to comprehend without actually riding one. Independent gyro systems paired with independent motors give you complete control to pivot, weave and glide in any direction by simply shifting your weight. After a few hours practice, riders are able to navigate between rooms, perform tasks around the home that would otherwise …


Ultimate Christmas Gift 2015 – Rollmo

Rollmo Scooters are fast becoming the must-have christmas present of 2015. The original Segway was introduced in 2001 and revolutionised self balancing personal transportation, the Rollmo board is the biggest advancement of this technology in 14 years and has exploded in popularity. The largest difference between the Rollmo and its chunkier cousin is the price tag, most modern Segway models …

Pop shuvit on a Rollmo Self Balancing Scooter

The Rollmo self balancing scooters have only been available for a few months now and people are already coming up with new tricks, imagine what tricks people will be able to do in the coming months. Get your Rollmo mini segway HERE

Trying out some Rollmo mini Segway tricks

Rollmo is essentially a mini segway without the handlebars or anything to hold on to. Simply step onto the device with both feet and lean in the direction you’d like to travel. It’s a lot easier than you think. Check out this video for some Rollmo tricks.


Self Balancing Scooter Technology is Here

We are the official Australian Rollmo Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter distributor and have supplied Rollmos to customers and businesses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and dozens of other locations across Australia. Common names for the ROLLMO: ‘self balancing scooter’, ’twin wheeled scooter’, ‘freeboard’, ‘hoverboard’, ‘hoverwalker’, ‘skywalker’, ‘segway board’, ’two wheeled balancing scooter’, ‘electric scooter’. The popularity of this new …